Do Your Online Photos Look Like You’re Wanted in 50 States?

Pretty woman mug shot NY police department
If you’re not in jail, why look like you are?

I can’t say this enough, your online presence has implications everywhere in your life, not just dating. Social media is everywhere and your photo is probably on at least 3 social media sites in addition to professional networking sites like LinkedIn

Online photos may be the only way that people who have never met you can see what you look like. That includes potential employers, potential business contacts, potential friends, friends of your family, etc.

Maybe you want people to think you’re gloomy…

I cannot believe what passes for photos on the dating sites. And since I’ve met more of a few of these women in person as social events such as Q-Girl parties – I feel it’s important to say something. Because you may be scaring people away and not even realize it.

First of all, are you smiling in your pictures? It doesn’t have to be a broad, toothy grin. Just raise the corners of your lips a millimeter or two.

If you have pictures online where you are growling at the camera, or scowling at the camera – you may think it makes you look like the stong, serious type.

Scowling and scary doesn’t look good on anyone

It doesn’t. It actually makes you look like you haven’t had a bowel movement in a couple of weeks. It does NOT make you look approachable.

Woman with long, curly hair scowling
Do your pics look like this?

Maybe you don’t want to be approached. Maybe you are a hermit who hates people. Maybe you want to scare everyone away. If that’s the case, then carry on.

However, if you have these kinds of photos appearing publicly on social media or dating sites, and you want a social life – take them down.

Find a friend who can take a decent photo where you’re having some fun, or where you just feel friendly.

Personally, I feel friendlier after a meal. My family and friends know if they hand me some food, it will always cheer me up.  So when I take a selfie, I make sure I eat first.

An easy solution

So try to get a photo doing something you enjoy, whether it’s eating, drinking wine or shoplifting – snap a shot while you’re having a good time.

Even better, go to our next Q-Girls event. Everyone is smiling and happy at our parties. Make some new friends, have a glass of wine, grab an appetizer and then ask your new friends to snap a shot of you looking happy.

Problem solved.

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